Copyright 2016. MARIA MIJARES. All Rights Reserved. 


The Spanish National Police

A wall of men
in uniform
hard to tell where one begins
and the other ends
their power and authority
face off with mine,
what I thought mine
now in their dominion.
I know—
They are well-armed,
and I
an American
seen aggressive
on their ground.

The Spanish National Police
look at me, and don’t,
directly and scowl,
or blankly,
a sun-squint
mistaken for a smile,
another aware
they are ‘the pictured’
striking pose.

All doing their job
Protecting the Pope.

Still, the moment of truth
I push the shutter,
I have credentials—
letters and
allies up high
behind the gates
I even have time
to be detained.

After all, just
Spanish boys
Once again.

©2008 mijares

Spanish National Police  Acrylic on linen 12” x 30” @2002